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Lyons Computer


Lyons Computers & Technologies was established in 1976 in Birmingham (US) as “Lyons Business Services.” By design, Lyons helped businesses to become independent, self-sufficient and profitable in the marketplace. Lyons Computers & Technologies for years has been offering budding businesses across the globe the opportunity to bring their businesses across an international client base through their A-grade IT solutions.

The Problem:

As time went by, the website was delivering underwhelming results with low site traffic, dropping page rank, keywords not visible, and static lead generation. The website before was not at all SEO friendly.

The Challenge:

That’s when Rank Local’s (erstwhile “Future Profilez”) SEO Team were contacted by the organization and tasked with the following goals-

Overall, the website was required to become more SEO friendly.

The Solution:

Courtesy of the extensive knowledge and experience possessed by our SEO team, they were able to make proper strategies and meet the challenges by employing the following step by step approach-

The Result:

Our clients at Lyons Computer have successfully been able to launch their new websites and now bear the fruits of optimum customer satisfaction. The results now are-


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