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AI Driven Customer Service Chatbot for your local business

Chatbots are becoming more popular day by day. For local service businesses like a dental clinic, massage parlors, hair salon services, restaurants and many others, a customer service chatbot on your website or Facebook page can help you to stand ahead over your competition. A customer service chatbot can help to convert visitors as leads and customers who visit your website. You do not need to pay a person to attend these customer queries.

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AI-driven chatbot:

With just a fraction of a cost, the AI driven chatbot engages the customer with simple selectable tasks and instills confidence in your customers and leads. Example: Booking an appointment for a local dentist or booking a table for a local restaurant or providing information about the saloon rates, booking an appointment and so on. It also has a fall back option to live support plus it helps to capture the leads (email, phone numbers and send to your back office to convert the lead to sale). The customers’ can even call your office directly from the chatbot. Possibilities are endless!

Market brand and authority:

There’s other types of Chatbots like a Facebook messenger bot and live customer support chat option on your website that can be useful to enhance your market brand and authority.

Chatbot development:

Our Chatbot development team from “RankLocalSearch” can help you to achieve these enormous value additions. We can undertake implementation of simple AI driven customer service chatbots, Facebook messenger bots and live support chat facility for your website. You want to scale up your business and need a live support person behind the chat? No problem, we can also offer you 24/7 live support customer service by live chat agents all from offshore and fraction of a cost. Just use the below form and let us know your requirements and we shall get back to you.

Example of Chatbots for Local Businesses

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Contact us Chatbot


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