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Paramount was established in 1962 by the Dye family in West End, Alabama. Client believed exceptional customer service as pivotal, and the driving force behind any successful business. With this in mind, Paramount has grown from a small local operation to a successful mid-sized company now servicing four states (Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee and Virginia). The client’s business policy is to simply ensure that the most exceptional quality of linen products are delivered to our valued customers, and that prices that they can feel joyous about.

The Problem:

Due to stiff business competition in their business sector in Birmingham, the company was starting to appear lower and lower with each day on Google’s search rankings. Also, being a locally-operating mid-scale business, they wanted to acquire cost-friendly SEO services that could also reap enough rewards for them.

The Challenge:

Rank Local SEO Team were contacted by the organization and tasked with the following goals-

Overall, the website was required to become more SEO friendly.

The Solution:

Courtesy of the extensive knowledge and experience possessed by our SEO team, they were able to make proper strategies and meet the challenges by employing the following step by step approach-

The Result:


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