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Create your local brand with our Social Media Management Services. Facebook page audit and optimization, GMB, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube Page design.

Social media signals affect 3% importance on local search marketing. People look towards social networks for recommendations, like where to eat, finding a reliable plumber to fix a broken pipe, finding a chiropractor, find a nearby spa and so on. 

The opportunities to connect your brand message and product or service with consumers are endless. The fact is that consumers leverage social networks for social proof before making final decisions. Google also gives a lot of importance on these “social signals”. 

If you have your business page on top of Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn, it is important to keep connected with your customers and fans. Regular posts to these social media platforms have a positive effect with the search engines.

We understand that you need to focus more on your core business, and you might not afford to hire a social media manager for your small local business. Our dedicated Social Media Manager can help you with these activities to stay on top of the curve at a fraction of the cost.


Here’s how we approach your social media management:

Our specialized Rank local social media management team comprising social media marketing experts will run a quick audit of your social media presence and apply a one time fix for all the gaps and issues.

They shall also create attractive graphics for your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and GMB coverage page. The team will then optimize your Facebook fan page settings (if need be).

Making Business Brand:

We literally go beyond by giving you a proper brand, redesigning your social media pages with attractive logos and graphics, that ensure that your prospective clients recognize your business brand. 

In case you’re interested in our monthly social media management services package, we shall assign your business with a dedicated social media manager who shall ensure your social media pages have the daily keyword optimized and relevant fresh posts, events for the required engagement with your potential customers. Google really loves these signals and move you on the top of the local search.

Marketing Strategy:

As a part of strategy and depending on your business model, we shall also provide you guidance on how to enhance your social media presence and get more Facebook check ins at your shop. Facebook check-ins enhance your brand popularity and also play an important factor for your local search ranking.

Here’s an indicative list of our social media management services under the monthly package:

Social Media Optimization One Time Setup Fee Starter Pack A la carte
(Per month)
All Business (One location)
(Per month)
Enterprise Management
(Per month)
Facebook fan page audit
$247/mo with a dedicated social media manager
Facebook fan page redesign
Facebook fan page optimization
GMB, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube setup with brand and graphics
Continue to monitor and engage with your fans and visitors
Daily at least one post to your Facebook fan page, Twitter and Instagram
Post 1 of your video a month to your YouTube channel
Dedicated social media manager

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